Message of the President


This is my happiness to introduce Global Economist Forum (GEF), the largest association of world economists, constituted by more than 5000 leading policy making economic researcher. GEF starts journey in 1905 as an international organization, which has accorded recognition of all UN agencies, regional and continental organizations in the world.

Our mission is to formulate policy for alignment of facilities for all the citizens of every member states, works for policy making of worldwide poverty reduction, ecological balancing, advocacy for supporting the poor nations from the developed countries, eradication of environmental hazards, making strategy for the migrant workers, women empowerment and tackling economic debacles.

The prevailing global economic meltdown has caused severe damage to the real economic stability with a vicious circle between deteriorating financial conditions hitting economic activity and a weakening economy leading to higher defaults and thereby undermining financial conditions. Despite initiatives by governments across the globe, new shocks will still lead to temporary flare-ups, but should not lead to a further worsening of financial conditions on a global scale. However, a full normalisation of financial conditions is not expected until 2018 at the earliest.

I hope GEF will help to expedite the global economic activities, it will also build positive image of and will help to gear up bilateral trade, investment and relationship between the member countries.

I wish a grand success of GEF, reaching benefit for the inhabitants of the world.

Dr. Enayet Karim